Caught in a Pickle

New Orleans Magicians Book Two

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas…until it doesn’t.

Hailey Truitt prides herself on her good decisions. A former foster kid, she’s pulled herself up by her bootstraps, made a success of her life, and is happy with who she is and what she’s done. At least until she got drunk, got married, and ended up in bed with a sexy stranger…

Star baseball player Alejandro de la Garza isn’t about to let some stranger swindle him out of his hard-earned money. He thought he knew how to avoid bullpen bunnies, but a drunken Vegas decision threatens to ruin the safety he’s secured for his family.

Both Hailey and Alej think they want an annulment. The problem? A fan posted a video of their wedding online, and now that his ailing Abuelita knows, he has to face the consequences of ending this — both in the press, and in his private life.

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